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From this screen, you can request report information on records in our Accela system. This includes information for service requests, work orders, and permits. Some plans-related information is limited based on the dates the plans were entered as systems and processes changed over time. For more information on the data available, click here.
Enter report options below. The report will be generated and sent to you via email.
Full Record Number
(1) If the number includes dashes, please enter those. These types of record numbers are at least 7-11 characters long. (2) If the number does not have a dash, enter the whole number. These types of record numbers are at least 7 characters long.
Email Address
Enter the email address(es) that should receive the report. If multiple email addresses are entered, separate with a semi-colon (;).

Not sure of your record or permit number? Use this search to find it. City of Knoxville Record Search